The Process

We can do as much or as little as you’d like when it comes to creating your custom lacrosse head. Just want it dyed? Sure! Want us to dye it, buy the mesh, string it, and break it in? We can do that too.

Below we’ll answer some of the typical questions we get. We’re super flexible, so if you have a unique idea or we don’t address your questions below, don’t hesitate to contact us!

Can you dye dark heads lighter?

No, we’re not able to do that. It’s best to purchase a brand new white head for dye jobs.

What kind of head is best?

This is a bit of a loaded question, because a lot of it comes down to how old you are, what your budget is, and what position you play. I’ll try to break it down.

Most pro-level field heads run around $90. If you’re a high-level youth player, or play HS or above, this is what you should plan on spending on a new, white, unstrung head. I am partial to Stringking and ECD heads myself. There are plenty of other brands and we can chat about what works best for you.

For younger or newer players, or players who maybe just play town in the spring, there are a few cheaper heads I recommend – among them are the Stringking Mark 1, the Stringking Legend Int, or the ECD Bravo 1. All of these provide a good canvas for dyes, are solid heads, but are cheaper than those top-level heads.

If you are a newer player and go to Dicks (or another national sporting goods store) you will be overwhelmed by the amount of cheap, starter sticks there are. With the exception of Stringking and ECD, most are junk. The pockets they come with will be terrible and the plastic may or may not dye or be durable.

Again, this is all my opinion, and other people might love what I don’t. When you reach out we can chat about what works best for you!

What about used heads?

Dyeing a used head is really difficult. Once you scoop a single ground ball, you’ll see that the plastic starts to get scratched and scraped, and not to mention dirty. We can clean off the dirt, but anywhere there’s a scratch may not take the dye, and we won’t be able to apply any designs to areas that are scratched. We really, really prefer brand new heads.

What about mini sticks?

We love dyeing minis, but the only one we’ll work with is the Natureboy Lacrosse line of minis. They’re the only ones that take dye – the cheaper minis are coated in a plastic that won’t change color.

Can you do *insert design idea here*?


What I typically ask people is to go through my gallery on Facebook and Instagram, or even google around to come up with ideas. If you know what you want for a design, sending me a drawing will get us on the same page too. Most of the time I’ll say yes, but if the design is too elaborate I’ll be completely honest with you. We have a vinyl cutter in-house, so we can often do team logos, numbers, names, etc.

Does dyeing void the warranty?

On many sticks, yes. As of right now, only Stringking and ECD will warranty dyed sticks. If we dye a head and it breaks, unless it’s Stringking or ECD, you’re likely out of luck.

What’s the process?

Once we settle on a design, we’ll do up a quote using our tracking software called Jobber. If you’re good with the quote, we will then ask that you either send us a brand new white head or pay up front for us to purchase it. Once we receive it, we’ll need 2-4 weeks to complete the dye job and send it back. All jobs require a 50% up front deposit, with the balance due when we’re done the job.

We have the dye, strings, and most mesh brands in stock.

How can I pay?

We love Venmo, but also accept cash.

Do you string sticks?

All the time – we’ll string a stick whether we dye it or not. We do a ton of local (Southern NH) string jobs for heads that aren’t dyed. Prices for string jobs are on our PRICING page.

Can you make me a custom shaft?

At this time, we don’t do anything with shafts. That said, there are some fancy shafts out there, and we can absolutely dye you a head to match a custom shaft you purchase.

How do I start the process?

The best way is to email!